Substance recovery cycles: we make it possible

The recycling economy is the only way to sustain our habitat on this earth into the future. That’s why UMS develops and implements technical systems that make closed substance recovery cycles possible: our aim is to reclaim all reusable materials as efficiency as possible. We use the latest technologies to convert materials that cannot be reused into raw materials for new products, without any quality loss.

We combine the new with the tried and tested

UMS follows a tried and tested philosophy developed in ore mining to treat waste consisting mostly of composite materials: the immediate extraction of initially separated fractions, whether they are valuable or not. Our engineers have combined this concept of immediate isolation with state-of-the-art plant technology. Our URBAN MINING SOLUTIONS enable customers around the world to recover metals and plastics of the highest quality and maximum added value. CORE systems usually allow the production of grades that meet the “end-of-waste” or “secondary raw material” criteria.

Experience we can rely on

Since 1991, we have used experience gained from ore processing in the construction of recycling plants. Close and constant cooperation with our customers gives us important insights for improving process and product qualities. UMS is also one of the few recycling technology providers to operate its own systems. Our subsidiary MESATEX provides separation services for a large number of customers, and we’re able to test new technical improvements and new material processing in real environments. Our partners in science and industry also take advantage of this opportunity.

We deliver German engineering expertise

Our engineers are specialists and generalists at the same time. In addition to the development and implementation of the latest technical solutions, they are also experts in evaluating and designing technical and logistical solutions. The safety of people and equipment, the protection of the environment and the most economical design of production processes are the guiding principles of our work.

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