CRP2 System

With the CRP2 (Compound Recycling Process 2) UMS has created a very flexible delamination system for extracting high-purity secondary raw materials from pre-shredded composite products. The aggregates used are not interlinked, but available as independent subsystems. This allows operators to react flexibly to variances in the input material, and to influence the quality of the fractions generated at any time.

The main unit of the CRP2 system is the UMS Double Rotor Hammer Mill (DHM), which processes pre-shredded composites free of coarse iron. In the DHM, two rotors equipped with hammers rotate, which drive the material over a grinding track equipped with beater arms. The impact energy, the associated heat input and the friction break down the input material, separate materials of different resilience and transform the non-ferrous metals into particle form. This enables the subsequent separation. The constant acceleration and deceleration, as well as the rolling of the material, also ensure the greatest possible surface dedusting. The shredded fraction leaves the machine via special discharge rails.

Steel, stainless steel, red metals (copper, brass, zinc, etc.), aluminum and plastics are separated and recovered in the screening process and via a cascade of separation technologies, such as magnetic drums, pneumatic jigs and electrostatic separators.

The CRP2 has a very powerful dedusting system. Depending on the input material, the dust produced can contain a high proportion of recyclable substances. These are then either briquetted and sold, or wet-mechanically worked up using an ERP3 system.

The CRP2 can be used very flexibly. UMS customers process a wide variety of materials up to a size of 80 mm. Applications include processing printed circuit boards and residues from automotive recycling, separating copper and aluminium composites, and separating various metal profiles containing plastic components.

All CRP2 systems are characterised by low tool costs, high insensitivity to extraneous materials and high energy efficiency.

All CRP2 systems are individually tailored and customised for the respective application, and thus enable maximum added value in the recycling of composites.

CRP2 System 01
CRP2 System 02
CRP2 System Output 01
CRP2 System Output 02
CRP2 System Output 03
CRP2 System Output 04
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