CRP1 System

With the well-proven CRP1 (Compound Recycling Process 1) delamination system UMS offers a highly efficient combination of aggregates for the preliminary treatment of old equipment and composite scrap. The system is universally and quickly adaptable for a variety of input materials, and enables the immediate discharge of coarse iron and steel, as well as the targeted separation of recyclable fractions and pollutants.

The main unit of the CRP1 System is the Rotor Chain Crusher (RCC), which breaks down the input materials using heavy rotating, beating but also flexible chains. Individual components are mechanically broken down, but not destroyed.

The RCC’s flexible rotating tools accelerate the input material and direct it onto different tracks. The compounds are broken down by the impact of the materials on the walls of the breaking chamber, other materials rotating on the same track and fixed anvils. Mechanical deformations and the resulting heat loosen the bonds. The processing time determines the shape and size of the shredded material. It can be varied and regulated in continuous or discontinuous operation.

The shredded material is dedusted at the outlet from the RCC by means of a powerful extraction system, which separates sub-fractions from the air stream. Here, the principle of immediately separating recyclable and extraneous materials inherited from ore processing becomes particularly evident. The main stream of material is first isolated, and then fed forward for iron separation by means of an overbelt magnet. The resulting iron fraction is usually saleable.

The gentle action of the Rotor Chain Crusher generates a variety of particle shapes. The material stream is therefore separated from undersized particles before being deposited onto a sorting belt via a corrugated channel with a separating vertex drum, developed by UMS. This ensures that the sorting belt is not overloaded, and that the sorting is effective. Further added value can be achieved through the use of additional magnets, eddy current separators, optical sorting machines, etc.

Customers around the world appreciate the high productivity of the System CRP1 in the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), shredder fractions (ASR or CarFluff) or inhomogeneous substance mixtures containing metal fractions. The system’s insensitivity to extraneous materials, low maintenance and tool costs, high energy efficiency and the wide range of applications make the CRP1 the ideal system for successful, value-adding recycling.

CRP1 System 01
CRP1 System 02
CRP1 System 03
CRP1 System Output 01
CRP1 System Output 02
CRP1 System Output 03
CRP1 System Output 04
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