HAMOS Corona Roller Separator (KWS - Korona Walzen Scheider)

The Corona Roller Separator from our partner HAMOS enables the separation of conductive from non-conductive materials with small particle sizes e. g. metal-plastic mixtures.

The input material to the KWS is fed onto a rotating, grounded metal drum and electrostatically charged passing a high-voltage corona field with up to 35,000 Volts. Conductive materials like metals discharge their load very quickly to the grounded drum and are thrown off by the rotating motion. Non-conductors lose their charge very slowly, keep sticking to the surface of the metal drum and are brushed away finally.

Input materials should be well delaminated to reach optimal separation results. Best results are achieved by processing conductor/non-conductor mixtures with sizes of up to 12 mm. In addition the material should be dry (humidity < 0.2%) and dust-free (at least 100 μm).

The KWS can be operated continuously with minimum operating effort and thus enables high added value.

The unit benefits from low energy consumption, minimal wear and ease of maintenance as well.

Link: hamos KWS - electrostatic metal/plastic separators

HAMOS-KWS Electrostatic Separator | Elektrostatischer Separator 01
HAMOS-KWS Electrostatic Separator | Elektrostatischer Separator 02
HAMOS-KWS Electrostatic Separator | Elektrostatischer Separator 03
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