Air Jig (ARJ)

The Air Jig is an universal and highly flexible machine to separate materials of different density and/or particle shape.

The material to be separated is fed onto an inclined screen that is vibrating in an eccentric manner resulting in a movement upwards. In parallel, a ventilator directs an air stream from the bottom through the material forcing a movement downwards.

To separate “heavy” from “light” materials the ratio between the eccentric vibration and the speed of the ventilator is essential. Setting the ratio correctly, “heavy” pieces are separated very sharp from “light” ones. This principle enables a successful separation and concentration of mixed ARJ fractions leading to high added value.

The separation works highly effective applied to:

- Metal and plastic mixtures, e.g. aluminum and plastic
- Aluminum and copper fractions

Successful density separation depends on the material being dry and completely delaminated (no material composites). In addition it depends also very much on the quality of the screen cut.

Due to its own processing and operational know-how UMS possesses numerous proven pre-sets to be used in new installations enabling a quick adaptation and steep learning curve.

The Air Jig can be used to separate particle sizes from approx. 500 microns to 50 mm. The screening inserts to adapt the ARJ to the different particle sizes are easily exchangeable. The set points of the eccentric vibration and the speed of the ventilator are continuously adjustable via frequency converters and the control system.

The ARJ is available in different sizes.

Link: PDF-Download from urban mining shop

Air Jig | Lufttrennherd 01
Air Jig | Lufttrennherd 02
Air Jig | Lufttrennherd 03
Air Jig | Lufttrennherd 04
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