Eddy Current Separator (ECS)

The ECS allows the separation of conductive parts e. g. aluminum from solid mixtures.

UMS and one partner have developed together our own Eddy Current Separator, since no product was available on the market fulfilling our requirements at the time.

The ECS applies Lenz's rule, describing the fact that a conductive particle is forced by mechanical impulses if moved through an alternating magnetic field. Making use of this principle the ECS is able to sort e. g. high-purity aluminum fractions or other metals out of a material stream.

To reach the best sorting results an optimized material feed and an even distribution to the ECS is required. UMS is in the position to provide its own proven solutions for this.

UMS optimizes and adds the ECS to existing systems also not limited to selection, positioning and integration therein.

Due to its own processing and operational know-how UMS can combine the ECS with other machines to improve and to achieve output fractions with highest added value.

The ECS is available in different sizes.

Link: PDF-Download from urban mining shop

Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 01
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 02
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 03
Eddy Current | NE Sortierung 04
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