Magnet Separators

Overbelt Magnet Separator (OMS)
Drum Magnet Separator (DMS)

The OMS extracts coarser magnetizable components from a material stream.

The DMS is used for finer magnetizable particles instead.

Depending on the material and the objective UMS choose tried-and-tested OMS from European manufacturers or makes use of its own DMS.

Our drum magnet separators are available from 400 to 2,000 mm working width. The magnetic strength is selected according to the task and requirements. With the strongest magnets we apply to the DMS yields of more than 12,000 Gauss are achieved.

The best sorting results for separating magnetizable materials require an optimized material feed, an even and single layer distribution to the OMS and / or to the DMS. UMS is in the position to provide its own proven solutions for this.

A combination of overbelt-, drum magnet separators and sometimes completed with other separation aggregates result in ferrous fractions with high purity, mixed copper-ferrous fractions and even stainless steel fractions and finally to increased added value.

UMS optimizes and adds the OMS and / or the DMS to existing systems also not limited to selection, positioning and integration therein.

Link: PDF-Download from urban mining shop

Magnetic Separator | Magnetseparator Magnetband 01
Magnetic Separator | Magnetseparator Magnetband 02
Magnetic Separator | Magnetseparator Magnetband 03
Magnetic Separator | Magnetseparator Magnetband 04
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